Essential care for your coffee machine

Essential care for your coffee machine

If you are exploring a coffee machine for your office it's important to understand what support and after care service you will receive.

Taking the decision to install a new coffee machine in your work place is a great employee benefit and will boost a positive working culture. Once you’ve found the right machine and coffee partner it’s often easy to overlook the care and service back up you’ll need to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Setting everything up

The Office Coffee Company “Total Care” plan ensures that a great cup of coffee will always be available. On installation, coffee calibration is provided to make sure the coffee machine is set up for your coffee and your team is happy. Next we provide a supportive on-boarding programme which includes training on how to care for your new machine.

In-house quality team

Unlike a lot businesses you will find on the internet, we do not use manufacturer support to respond to technical customer issues. We believe putting our customers first so expecting them to wait up to a week to see a technician or even longer for parts to fix the problem is not something we expect our customers to put up with.

Reactive maintenance

Quite simply, our in-house quality team will respond to any technical fault within 24 hours and normally fix the problem on first visit. Also unlike manufacturer support, you’ll see a familiar face who understands your requirements and will make sure everything is a-ok with your coffee before they leave.

Preventative maintenance

Our quality team will be back twice a year to give your machine a thorough valeting. The all-important grinder will be calibrated. The chambers will be de-scaled and a new BRITA water filter will be fitted. These measures ensure that the beans are ground to perfection and that no build-up of sediments and limescale that affects the running of the coffee machine and taste of the coffee.

Total Care Service

Keeping your office happy

Our aim is to provide your workplace with incredible coffee. With 63% of people relying on two or more cups to get them through the working day, we understand how important it is to maintain supply and keep employees fully-charged. Rely on our service for year-round reliability and satisfaction is guaranteed. Why not download our brochure for pricing to see how we can help.

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