Coffee trends in 2020 that you can replicate in the office

Say goodbye to boring coffee breaks and hello to trendy and stylish catch ups!


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This years coffee trends are fascinating and diverse, and what's more, you can replicate them in the office with the help of a bean-to-cup office coffee machine.

Coffee and sustainability

Sustainability is appearing in every corner of the food and beverage market so it's understandable if you're a little confused over this trend. However, sustainable coffee cups are arriving and Office Coffee has compostable and biodegradable cups available, perfect for your mid-morning coffee. This allows you to enjoy your coffee without thinking you're helping to fill up a landfill somewhere.

The end result

Often forgotten in conversations about trendy additives and new brewing methods is the question of whether or not people will continue to consume 'poorly executed' coffee. People have come to expect their cup of coffee to be as good as the last one but errors like badly foamed milk make that difficult. With a coffee machine, the chances of that happening are considerably lower, so you can enjoy an excellent cup of coffee again and again without being disappointed.

Milk revolution

When it comes to coffee mixtures, it comes as no surprise to learn that new plant-based products are being incorporated into them faster each year than the last. Manufacturers and companies are adding almond, coconut and oat alternatives into coffee that is so cleverly formulated that it's possible to enjoy a cup of Joe without adding dairy.

Black coffee is here to stay

It seems in this day and age, people are opting to skip dairy alternatives altogether when having coffee. As tastes move towards lighter roasts, the number of people having no milk at all is increasing. But don't worry, Office Coffee machines do perfect espresso and Americano to get you through the day.

Speciality coffee

Speciality coffee is going to continue to grow this year for an ever-evolving coffee audience. Syrups and coffee shakes are becoming ever more popular and you can have a taste of it during your working day. Office Coffee has a wide range of syrups you can easily add into your everyday coffee to jazz it up a little.


More people are becoming aware of how their actions affect the planet and this will continue to play a big part in what we purchase and if it's ethically sourced. At Office Coffee, we have Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified organic beans to create your coffee, meaning that while you're enjoying your daily brew, you're also helping workers, their families and the forests live healthy lives.

Younger coffee drinkers

Younger coffee drinkers aren't really interested in espresso anymore, preferring to have sweeter and more interesting caffeine beverages such as flat whites or coffee with syrups in. For the younger people you have employed in your office, a coffee machine will do a variety of drinks to keep everyone happy.

The Office Coffee Company has a wide range of machines and products available, so contact us today for more information.

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