A coffee machine for small offices

A coffee machine for small offices

Are you craving better coffee at work? Can you enjoy a range of coffee shop drinks from a small coffee machine?

A walk down any high street is evidence of the rise of coffee culture in the UK. There is scarcely a village in the country without a barista-style cafe serving freshly roasted coffee - in fact it has become commonplace to see the three coffee shop giants all lined up on one street. The coffee revolution has bred a public of connoisseurs.

Those who can taste test a flat white from a latte are no longer content with a jar of freeze-dried grit. Despite a growing interest in good coffee, the one place which seems to have missed out is the workplace, where we still suffer with pre-ground, pre-packaged alternatives to fresh coffee.

The Apprentice bean to cup machine offers a solution - freshly ground coffee for smaller offices or unto 50 drinks a day. The ethically-sourced beans are specially selected for their rich, balanced flavour. Rather than choosing a single style of coffee from a disappointing selection of pods or capsules, The Apprentice brews your coffee fresh to order – from bean to cup. It can cater for everyone’s tastes with its wide variety of options, from espressos to cappuccinos and even hot chocolates.

The Apprentice coffee machine uses natural granulated milk which is 100% dairy and creates delicious foamy lattes and rich glossy cappuccinos. As well as providing a much richer, tastier coffee, it doesn’t require any wasteful plastic pods or expensive capsules.

The machine allows you to enjoy the delicious taste of freshly brewed coffee no matter how small your office kitchen. The Apprentice was designed to be as efficient as possible in terms of space, cost and waste.

The Apprentice is ideal for busy offices where everyone wants a proper coffee but nobody wants to be wasting time cleaning out the machine; it is easy to maintain, connecting to the mains water supply, and simple to set up. Once installed, the machine requires only less than five minutes of maintenance a day and has a weekly self-cleaning programme.

If you dismay at the disappointing options on offer in your office, then the solution to the fresh coffee you are craving is simple: a bean to cup coffee machine. Why not download our brochure and pricing today?


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