8 Simple rules that will improve the quality your coffee

8 Simple rules that will improve the quality your coffee

We explore some simple steps that will change the way you make your coffee forever.

A good cup of coffee can set you up for the day and leave you happy and satisfied. These simple steps can help you to increase and improve the flavours in your cup so that you can enjoy the perfect cuppa every time.

Buy fresh beans

Buying fresh beans
is the most important step in making the perfect cup of coffee. The coffee is best when you make it within days of roasting, so you always want to ensure that you get your hands on the freshest beans. Be wary of bulk supermarket offers and buy from quality conscious roasters who provide beans in vacuum sealed bags.

Keep your beans fresh

Once you have your fresh beans you need to keep them that way. Putting them into glass caning jars is the best solution and they should be stored in a dark cupboard. Keep them out of direct light and prevent them from being heated above room temperature. Avoid keeping them in the bag as this will expose the beans to too much oxygen.

Choose good coffee

Specialty coffee that clearly states where the coffee has come from is a good sign when hunting for coffee. Take your time and do some research into the best coffees, or alternatively sign up to a delivery service that sends you the best coffee that there is.

Grind your own beans

Grinding your beans just before you make your coffee is the best single way to improve your coffees. Coffee will start to lose flavour the second you grind it, so taking the time before each cuppa is definitely worth it.

Use good quality water

If you consider how much of a coffee is water then it is a no-brainer that the water is very important. Serious coffee lovers will use bottled mineral water to make their coffee for the best taste and this really can make the difference. One thing to avoid for sure is using softened water because the minerals in the water are essential to a good cuppa.

Avoid cheap water filters

Coffee is expensive so it is common to try and cut corners. Using cheap filters to make your coffee can really harm a cuppa because they have chemicals in them that can distort the taste. Investing in good quality filters is definitely worth it in the improved taste that you will be able to gain from the minimal extra expense.

Use a lot of coffee

Good coffee is not meant to be weak so you need to make sure that you are using enough coffee for each individual brew. Commonly people are sparing with good coffee because it is expensive, but this is a waste. Use your good coffee as it is supposed to be used for the best possible taste.

Keep your coffee kit clean

Whether you are using a coffee machine, filter or cafetiere to make your coffee, cleanliness is very important. Don’t allow the taste of stale coffee to destroy your perfect cup and maintain high coffee crafting standards at all times.


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