7 Ways to reduce office waste

7 Ways to reduce office waste

We all know the importance of recycling and reducing our use of paper and plastic. We recycle at home, but what about recycling in the office?

There is so much that we can do to help to reduce office waste and below we share some top tips that will also save you money.

Swap those pods for bean to cup

Coffee pods have really taken off in recent years. This is mainly due to their ease of use and quick brewing time. However, these pods are expensive and are usually not the best tasting coffee. Most worrying though is that they produce lots of plastic waste. A better option is to use a bean to cup machine that is also quick but produces fresh tasting coffee with minimal waste.

Use your own cup

Every member of staff needs to be encouraged to bring their own mug or cup to work. This will reduce the need to use plastic, throw-away cups. If workers prefer to have lunch outside, then they can use a reusable coffee cup with a sturdy lid.

Recycling boxes

It is vital that every office has clearly labelled recycling boxes so that very little waste ends up in a landfill. One of the biggest issues with office waste is paper, so make sure that you have plenty of paper and cardboard recycling boxes. As an added thought, try to reduce your use of post-it notes and use scrap paper instead.

Recycle those coffee grounds

Bean to cup machines produce no plastic waste, only paper waste from the bag that contains the beans and the coffee grounds. Simply recycle the paper, and those coffee grounds can be placed into a recycling tub. Coffee grounds are wonderful for helping the plants to grow, so use them in the office garden or your workers can take them home to use in their own garden. You might even explore having them recycled into carbon neutral fuels.

Don’t buy bottled water

We are all now being encouraged to buy less plastic and if we have no choice then to recycle it afterwards. Another option is to install a water filter machine, or tap filter so that workers can bring their own reusable bottles from home, creating zero plastic bottle waste.

Bring in lunch from home

It’s a good idea to have basic cooking facilities in the office, such as a microwave and single hob so that everyone can bring in their own lunch. This will dramatically reduce plastic wrapping that is associated with convenience food, plus it will save everyone money.

Say no to paper towels

Finally, why not swap those paper towels for tea towels in the kitchen? This will obviously cut down on paper waste, but using tea towels that are freshly laundered is more cost-effective and hygienic.

Here at the Office Coffee Company, we can provide your place of work with bean to cup coffee machines and water filters. To learn more about how we can help you reduce office waste, get in touch with us today.

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