5 common mistakes to avoid in sourcing a coffee machine for your office

5 common mistakes to avoid in sourcing a coffee machine for your office

As the go-to drink for many office workers, providing great coffee for your staff is a must. Before you go ahead and purchase a coffee machine for your office though, there's a few things to consider.

To make your decision easier, we’ve put together 5 common mistakes that we can help you avoid. Get the best office coffee machine for the job and keep your staff productive and happy!

Buying on price

It’s a classic adage, but ‘buy cheap buy twice’ is a phrase that couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to coffee machines. If you’ve not had a coffee machine in the office before, you may have considered popping to John Lewis and picking up a new bean to cup machine for convenience. Sounds a good idea, however, these bean to cup machines are intended for domestic use, and in an office of 30 staff won’t stand a chance. Consider how much use your new machine will get. If each member of staff drinks two cups of coffee a day, you need a machine you can rely on. As larger more commercial coffee machines for business are larger, they are also more expensive so machine rental is a great option for a reliable machine designed for purpose.

No mains water connection

Coffee is typically made up of around 98% water. Machines which aren’t connected to mains water are prone to lime-scale, making more work for you, and resulting in not so great cup of coffee. Bean to cup machines should be connected to mains water with a commercial filter (like Brita) that removes lime-scale. Taste, hygiene and cleanliness should be key.

Not up to office life

A high-end machine commercial or traditional barista machine with multiple arms and functions may look good, but will your staff be able to use it? Making a coffee the traditional way takes time, sill and patience and is much slower than using a fully automatic coffee machine. With a que in your kitchen (just like the coffee shop) at break time or having to wait to service coffee to important guests a simple quick all in one solution is by far the wisest choice for a busy office.

Choose a coffee machine which suits your staff team, office size and requires minimal training and is easy to maintain. Or choose our add-on Total Care service, and you won’t need to worry about a thing.

Milk: fresh or freeze dried?

Milk is an essential partner to any great coffee, and your staff probably favour fresh milk in their morning drink. However, maintaining a machine with fresh milk means more cleaning, and the risk of milk hanging around in the machine if not cleaned is not worth thinking about. Consider other options, such as skimmed granulated milk or dairy/soya milk pots to make maintenance as simple as possible.

Top up the coffee

Your machine is out of coffee. You grab a bag from the local shop and pour it in. Your staff are happy. Sadly, this scenario is not that realistic. Each and every blend or origin of coffee is unique and requires the correct set-up to be enjoyed at its best whilst fresh. With different grinds, throws and tamping to consider, you may find your purchase a tricky and time-consuming exercise.

Use one of our specially chosen coffees in partnership that once set up with our bean to cup machines for perfect results every time. Our ethical and sustainable coffees are roasted in the UK so you and your staff can enjoy an incredible cup of coffee. Download our brochure or arrange a tasting and start your journey to great coffee with us today.

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