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If you're an office looking for the best coffee machines, then our handy guide will help you to make the right decision.


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There are so many coffee machines on the market that it can be truly mind-boggling to attempt to compare them all and work out which will be the right fit for your busy office. With that in mind, the Office Coffee Company has crafted our list of top five favourites.

The office coffee machines in this list have been chosen with years of experience under our belt. They are ranked as top options according to the quality of drink produced, ease of use and suitability for an office environment, ease of servicing and maintenance and attractive design to help make your kitchen look great.

The first two factors are the primary ones for the majority of our customers. The taste test tends to the be deciding factor and usability is absolutely essential, as the average office worker tends not to possess barista grade skills! Today's modern machines take that out of your hands and do the hard work for you, perfectly and expertly every time.

How do we recognise an "office coffee machine"?

Most of us are familiar with domestic coffee machines for use at home, but how do these differ from office machines? There are three main factors:

1. An office coffee machine will produce very high quality drinks, consistently well and to large enough volumes to accommodate a regular flow of users.
2. It is straightforward and simple to use, needing no special training or coffee-perfecting arts!
3. It needs no complicated maintenance and is quick and easy to service and keep running well.

Our chosen type of office coffee machines has to be 'bean to cup'. These make the best quality of coffee every time at the touch of a screen, making them incredibly easy, quick and enjoyable to use.

1. The Apprentice Bean to Cup Coffee Machine (for smaller offices)

The Apprentice is neat, attractive and perfectly sized for smaller offices. As a fully automatic coffee machine it is incredibly easy to use and very versatile. Users will find that the Apprentice coffee machine offers superb aroma, body, flavour and 'crema' every single time with seven drinks on offer: rich Espresso, classic Americano, mellow Latte, Italian Cuppuccino, rich Mocha, comforting hot chocolate and perfect hot water for those who prefer a tea. This model is ideal for offices of up to 30 staff, and it works well to either replace or complement a pod machine. However, unlike the pod machine, the Apprentice is designed to do everything; it produces the finished drink within the cup at just a touch of a button, so no separate milk frothing is needed and no mess is created. It looks lovely too!

Verdict: Easy to use, perfect for offices small offices and an alternative to a pod machine.

Interested? Download the brochure and pricing here.

2. The Champion Bean to Cup Coffee Machine (for mid size offices)

This is a fantastic option for larger and busier offices where there is likely to be a steady flow of coffee drinkers. It offers the same full range of drinks as the smaller Apprentice, and simply needs topping up with beans of your choice! The model is very simple to use and has a semi-automated self-cleaning process that minimises maintenance. This just takes a few minutes and is mainly driven by the use of granulated milk. If your office team have little time to clean a coffee maker, but demand quality drinks at the touch of a button, then the Champion could be ideal.

Verdict: A real work horse coffee machine that is low maintenance ideal for offices that have 30-60 in the team.

Interested? Download the brochure and pricing here.

3. The Angel Bean to Cup Coffee Machine (larger offices)

This is the best model on the mid-sized market for automated bean to cup production, combined with the use of fresh milk. It is ideal for offices of up to 100 staff and has a superb range of features. These include customisation options for up to 30 drinks, including the full range of coffees, plus indulgent hot chocolate and simple hot water for tea and hot lemon fans. You can also increase the selection of drinks by 16 with a simple button press. Even better, the machine has an automated self cleaning function for the coffee making elements, the mixers and the fresh milk frothers. This is a particular benefit, as fresh milk utilising machines can pose a headache for office managers left with the job of cleaning up at the end of the day. However, the Angel lives up to its name and does the messy job automatically and out of sight!

Verdict: An office pleasing selection of drinks in a lovely white paint white finish. In the back drop of high maintenance fresh milk coffee machines, the Angel Touch & Go is as straightforward as they come.

Interested? Download the brochure and pricing here.

4. Boss Bean to Cup Coffee Machine (larger offices)

Also for larger offices, the Boss bean to cup coffee machine offers sufficient capacity for offices that will drink up to 300 hot drinks in any single day. It looks absolutely stunning and provides a real talking piece, whilst producing coffee shop quality hot drinks with just a touch of the screen. Delicious drinks are made by combining the freshest coffee beans, rich chocolate and perfectly frothed milk to impress visitors and perk up staff alike! There are 10 drink selections to choose from; popular Cappuccino, simple black coffee, perfect Espresso, comforting cafe Latte, gentle cafe au lait, delicious hot chocolate, rich macchiato and - best of both worlds - cafe mocha. Hot water is also available. In terms of maintenance, the machine uses a cleaning process which is semi automated, and it simply needs topping up with coffee, milk and hot chocolate. The whole process takes just five minutes every day.

Verdict: A great machine for larger offices with up-to 150 staff. High capacity hoppers and plumbed waste means low maintenance and coffee is on tap, all day.

Interested? Download the brochure and pricing here.

5. Business Bean to Cup Coffee Machine (large offices)

This is another great choice for large offices and is a fantastic all-round performer, with beautiful aesthetics and advanced functionality, producing astounding coffee just the way your users like it. Features include individual settings for a wide range of hot beverages, a fresh milk frother, large colour touchscreen with a crystal clear display and automated cleaning functionality, so all you need to do is pick your ideal drink with a quick button press, then sit back and enjoy.

Verdict: The great fresh milk coffee machine for offices. We love the Business for the way it looks and operates. Cleaning is a very simple end of day process perfect for busy working people to handle.

Interested? Download the brochure and pricing here.

Which coffee machine for your office are you tempted by? Contact us for a chat and appraisal of your business needs today.

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