4 simple ways to get the most out of your team members

4 simple ways to get the most out of your team members

Here are a few simple steps to implement in the workplace to see a big difference in the attitudes and well-being of your team.

One of the main challenges business owners and team leaders face is keeping their employees motivated and positive. A happy workforce is nearly always far more productive than staff who simply show up to the office, do the bare minimum and count down the hours until home time.

Engage with and involve everyone

Most people do not like work on its own. What makes it interesting and rewarding to them is the reason they are working and what they are working for. Involve your team in the companies progress and values, and give them something to believe in and strive towards. Regular coffee meetings will give the perfect opportunity to keep everyone up to date with company news. Creating a backbone and culture in the office often unites teams, and certainly creates more passionate employees.

Positive working environment

On average, people spend 40 hours a week at work, so having a pleasant environment and space to work in is vital in making it a more enjoyable experience. Ensure that every individual has access to the tools they need for their role, with a clean and comfortable area of their own. Try to incorporate natural daylight and planting in communal areas, which are known to have huge health benefits. Ensure the general upkeep in maintained, as small things like broken lights and dirty flooring quickly make the place appear scruffy and neglected. Having designated areas for breaks and socialising allows employees to get the most from their lunch and coffee breaks, feeling refreshed and re-energised when they get back to their desks. A well-stocked kitchen area will also go a long way, with tea and fresh coffee available for everyone - particularly if the coffee is high quality and freshly made bean-to-cup.

Connecting with individuals

Try to connect and get to know each person in your team, remembering that basic manners and really listening to people can often go a long way. Whether you prefer an informal chat over coffee or regular structured meetings, ensure that you know each individual’s strengths and skills and what they want to achieve in their position.

Recognise and reward

Many leaders assume that the main motivator for employees is money, and while everyone would always like more pay, recognition is a much stronger leading force. Be aware of who was excelled in the team, or when the team has reached an achievement together, and do not let it pass unnoticed. It doesn’t need to be a flashy awards evening, but simply arranging a dinner together or bringing in treats and making everyone a cup of coffee can boost morale, improving the attitudes and self-confidence of everyone involved.

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