4 reasons why we just can't live without coffee

4 reasons why we just can't live without coffee

For many, a cup of coffee is a staple part of our diet. We can't begin the day without it. But why do we love this delicious hot drink so much?

Here in the UK, we consume around 55 million cups of coffee each day That’s a lot of people in love with the bean!

The truth is that coffee isn’t just about great taste or flavour. We have grown attached to its ability to affect us mentally and socially. The context of our coffee has become just as important as the refreshment itself.

Here are 4 reasons why coffee geeks just can’t live without their favourite beverage.

Coffee and the mind
Any regular caffeine drinker will admit that coffee has a positive effect on their mental performance. It stimulates the nervous system and increases concentration, alertness and attention. Starting the day’s work with a steaming mug is scientifically proven to make us more focused and ready for the challenges ahead.

A well-deserved ‘time-out’
Taking a break out of the working day to refresh and relax is very important. The busy modern-day working individual has increasingly less time to themselves. Taking a stroll away from our desks for a coffee is an excuse for us to take a well-deserved recess. This, in turn, will aid happiness and productivity at work.

Culture vulture
Exploring the offerings of a new city is more focused on coffee than we realise! Seeking out and enjoying the best cafes and restaurants allows us to embed ourselves in other cultures. In countries like Italy and France, coffee has been an irreplaceable part of their culture for centuries. When travelling, finding trendy coffee shops in new areas is an absolute must!

Full of flavour
When it all boils down to it, we love coffee for its variety of flavour. There is always something new to try. From caramel and vanilla to white chocolate and mint infusions, the drink is always reinventing itself. This is also why coffee is perfect with any meal - an accompaniment to your light lunch or an after-dinner addition.

Coffee has been at the heart of our offices, homes and cities for almost a thousand years. No doubt it will be there for many more too. Introduce coffee into your working environment today and see the difference in your employees with our range of office coffee machine options.

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