3 steps to a magical meeting room

3 steps to a magical meeting room

Meeting rooms. All too often they remain bland, tired and underwhelming environments.

Meeting rooms. They’re an essential hub for many businesses and the home to a huge range of exciting endeavours; striking new client deals, making progress on cool creative projects, interviewing new job candidates and talking winning business strategies. But despite all the thriving activities that go on inside the four walls of the meeting room, all too often they remain bland, tired and underwhelming environments.

How often have you found yourself sighing as you gear yourself up for a three-hour slog in a team meeting? How many times do you catch yourself yawning and feeling droopy-eyed during a brainstorming session? No more. We say it’s time to switch things up in our meeting rooms to make them environments that heighten productivity and nurture creativity. We present to you three simple steps to a magical meeting room.

Step 1: Make it light, bright and airy

Warm, stuffy and dim meeting rooms are the perfect environment for sleepy staff. To keep your team alert, your meeting room should be bright, cool and fresh. Open the windows in between meetings to air out the space, and try to regulate the temperature to 22 degrees celsius, as this has been found to be the optimum temperature for office comfort and productivity. If you don’t have windows that open or reasonable ventilation, consider installing an air purifier to keep the room fresh.

Natural lighting is also important, so consider installing full-spectrum lighting in exchange of fluorescent bulbs to keep the room bright and fresh when there isn’t enough natural light coming in through the windows. A few leafy green plants also help to create a fresh, natural atmosphere that is perfect for meeting rooms.

Step 2: Consider some colour

Office spaces are too often painted a less than inspiring shade of cream. Now don’t get us wrong, there’s lots of to be said for a neutral workspace, but if your meeting room is frequently used for creativity and innovation, you might want to add a splash of colour to inspire some thinking outside the box. You don’t have to go wild with intense hues; think muted shades of blue, green, yellow and red to break up the monotony of your usual magnolia walls.

Step 3: Get your refreshments game on point

Nobody likes to be stuck in a meeting with their tummy rumbling and their tongue drier than the Sahara desert. We’re all a bit more creative with a cup of tea or coffee to hand, and it’s much easier to ignore our lunch cravings when there are some tasty treats available. Be sure to offer a good range of tea and coffee to suit all tastes, and consider providing fresh fruit alongside the biccy stash for those who prefer the lighter option. Set everything up in a dedicated area directly inside the meeting room so that the flow of a meeting doesn’t have to be completely stopped by dashes to the kitchen. Plus, it means you’ll always have refreshments on hand when welcoming clients in for meetings - a great cup of coffee and a cheeky chocolate digestive is a surefire way to get into a client’s good books!

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