10 Benefits of happy employees

10 Benefits of happy employees

An office full of happy employees is a happy place to work. And that has some great benefits for your company.

How do you achieve happiness? It’s the little things, like a great cup of coffee to start the day. Here are our top 10 benefits to nurturing happy employees.

1. Happy employees are passionate about their work
Employees that are passionate about their work are fun to be around, and make the best ambassadors for your company.

2. Happy employees make teamwork effortless
Happy employees make teamwork and collaboration work, and that’s when innovation happens.

3. Happy employees provide better service
Happy employees have positive interactions, including with your all important customers.

4. Happy employees are more creative
It’s a fact - employees who were put in a good mood before completing a task were more creative in their approach than those that weren’t, so invest in that great coffee. Because creativity is good for business.

5. Happy employees want to come to work and don’t want to leave
If your employees are happy to come to work, even if it’s just for the great coffee, you’re winning. And happy employees are much less likely to leave.

6. Happy employees make for a great office atmosphere
In an office staffed by happy employees there’s less tension, more energy and focus, and a great company culture. Good coffee can make for a great office atmosphere.

7. Happy employees are healthier employees
Create an atmosphere where happy employees are better at managing stress and there are fewer sick days. Employee perks are a great way of nurturing happiness and coffee even has health benefits!

8. Happy employees go above and beyond
Create a culture where employees are happy and they’ll always want to go that extra mile. Especially when there’s a really good cup of coffee as a reward.

9. Happy employees have better analytical skills
Take away the toxic atmosphere, and employees are free to focus on their day-to-day business with a sharp and focused mindset.

10. Happy employees make for better working relationships
When your coffee is great, it’s hard for employees to disagree!

For great office coffee, there’s only one place to head to. Speak to our team today to start making your employees smile even more.

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