Survey: What is the most popular office drink in 2017?

Gone are the days when the whole office drank a cup of freshly brewed tea. The rise of the coffee bean means it’s become the most popular drink in the workplace.


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Gone are the days when the whole office drank a cup of freshly brewed tea. The rise of the coffee bean means it’s become the most popular drink in the workplace, offering employees more choice and delivering a caffeine boost to get them through the day.

Offices across the UK are increasingly embracing an aromatic cup of coffee and shunning the stereotypical tea.

Our latest survey set to find out just what employees prefer to drink when they’re getting down to work. While tea might be associated with Brits working, in reality millions of cups of coffee are actually drunk every year across the country. Tea remains the most popular drink in the UK overall, but at work it’s coffee that reigns supreme. In total, more than 70 million cups of coffee are consumed every year. You only have to look at the growing number of coffee shops on the high street to know that the beverage is becoming increasingly popular!

The Office Coffee Company survey revealed just how much Brits have become coffee connoisseurs. Tea might still be the preferred option for 25% of women and 19% of men but it’s far outweighed by the current demand for coffee. Combined, black and white coffee is the most popular choice for more than seven in ten men and almost six in ten women, with coffee with added milk proving the most popular across all employees.

More than 500 members of staff told us what their office drinking preferences were and it seems that the UK is not only becoming a nation of coffee lovers but of continental style cups too. Cappuccinos were the most popular choice of coffee, followed by lattes. In third place was the americano and espresso was named fourth, highlighting the diversity that coffee brings to the hot beverage options. It’s the range of options that appeals to some employees and making coffee the most chosen drink within the office.

To meet the rising demand for artisanal style coffees at work, employers are turning to coffee machines, giving staff access to an incredible range. It’s a task that we know well, with over 30 years of experience in all things coffee we know exactly what goes into making the perfect cup.

From full installation and in-office training to a complete total care service, we bring the aromatic, rich coffee that’s made chains so popular on the high street directly into offices. It’s an aspect that employees love, meaning they no longer have to head outside and pay for their caffeine fix during work. Of employees yet to benefit from an in-office coffee machine, 90% think it would be appreciated across the whole team. While tea is simple to brew, achieving a coffee shop standard of cappuccino is impossible without a machine. As the number of coffee lovers continues to rise, employers could really boost morale by meeting this with freshly prepared cups of coffee.

The survey from the Office Coffee Company has been conducted to recognise fundraising event UK Coffee Week. As one of the celebration’s partners, the Office Coffee Company are using their work to help coffee growing communities around the world improve their access to clean water – a vital component for not only

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