Summer is here with June's speciality coffee

With summer officially beginning this month, we'll all be hoping that the British weather behaves itself and warm days are here to stay.


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Speciality Coffee

But even if our unpredictable climate lets us down, this month's speciality coffee from beautiful Colombia is sure to bring a touch of sunshine to your office and brighten up your employees' days.

The altitude at which coffee is grown has a significant impact on its flavour, and Colombia La Linda is grown at a height of around 1,700 metres. Particularly high altitudes such as this are the source of some of the world's very best coffees, and help to give the resultant beans a more complex flavour profile.

In this month's coffee, the flavours of clementine and walnuts mingle with distinct notes of chocolate. As the coffee cools, the chocolate and nut flavours become more prominent for a distinctive, truly special coffee that will wow employees from their first sip.

Of course, coffee production doesn't end with growing the beans; an important factor in creating something amazing is the processing that happens once the cherries are harvested in order to separate the bean from the cherry, dry it and prepare it for roasting.

Colombia La Linda benefits from being washed, also known as the wet process. This is a relatively new method of preparing coffee, in which the cherries are first immersed in water in order to sort the best fruit from the lower quality cherries. Next, they are pushed through a screen to remove the outer skin and some of the pulp, before being fermented in water for a couple of days or more. The remaining fruit is then washed away from the bean, having imparted some of its flavour, before being sun-dried and ready for roasting.

Washed coffee tends to have a bright, fruity, acidic flavour, and with Colombia La Linda this works perfectly with the medium to light roast to create a beautiful June coffee, clean and sunny without sacrificing the depth and complexity of flavour.

Why not treat your team to one of our free coffee tasting sessions, so they can experience the variety that top quality coffee has to offer? Contact us today and find the perfect cup to please everyone in your office.

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