Office coffee etiquette

Office coffee etiquette

Ahhh, coffee: where would we be without it? It’s that all-important morning refreshment that sets you up for the day.

But tread carefully, if you’re new to an office environment (or a seasoned professional, for that matter), the what, when, who and how of office coffee can make or break your professional relationships. 

Doing the rounds?

Here’s an obvious issue to consider. How do you balance the need for a decent beverage to spur your day with the time it takes to make one? Do you make your own, or do you offer to do the rounds? How far does this generosity extend? It can be a time-consuming process to collect the cups, wash-up, set up the new brew, serve and deliver. Either way you’re in trouble. Here are your options; disguise your mug as a kale smoothie and hope no-one asks any questions; brew a cafetière the size of a bath and spend a day a week on distribution; or decide it’s all not worth it for the social awkwardness and just resign. Alternatively, purchase a machine that can quickly provide up to 300 top-notch coffees a day from us.

Who restocks?

This one will always be contentious. Do employees make a contribution to coffee costs? If so, what brand or blend do you choose? And who is responsible for the threats of industrial action when supplies run out? Busy office managers threatened with a decaffeinated workforce knocking at their door would do well to consider alternatives.

Coffee for clients

Fetching coffee for clients (and often the boss) has long been the business of the office intern. It’s part of the first impression for new prospective partners when they visit you and says something about the kind of organisation that you are. Milky instant with added floaty bits? All bone china and no biscuits? Be smooth, suave and sophisticated with a coffee from a proper machine and set the tone from the off. Get them a great hot and fresh drink in seconds; just make sure the intern knows where they’re taking it. 

Cleaning up

This one has created home-made signs on crumpled pieces of A4 up and down the country for decades. Please clear up after yourselves, they ask. Please stop stealing the spoons. Put the milk back into the fridge.

Cut down on office friction by making the kitchen a place of peace and harmony. Quality coffee at the touch of a button makes everyone’s life easier, the kitchen cleaner and the wall unsullied with grumpily sellotaped missives.

Keeping the coffee-lovers in the office happy can be a delicate balance. But with a great coffee machine it’s one less thing to worry about. And at a great price you can keep your pocket happy too! Join us today.

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