Mouth watering Kenyan AA Kandara

Mouth watering Kenyan AA Kandara

Our premium Kenyan AA Kandara is packed full of great flavours to take us from summer through to autumn.

Office coffee doesn’t have to be bland, tasteless and burnt. Here at the Office Coffee Company, our focus is on fresh, ethically sourced coffee - such as our fantastic Kenyan AA Kandara, packed full of great flavours to take us from summer through to autumn.

Coffee trees were originally planted in Kandara back in 1954, and the country’s coffee industry is now booming. AA is the top graded coffee produced in the country, with Kenyan AA coffee known for its well balanced flavours and pleasant acidity. Coffees from this region tend to be rich, full-bodied and strong in flavour, which is why we think our Kenyan AA Kandara is the perfect choice for office workers looking for something special.

Grown at an altitude of 1,900m in the Wangu region of Kenya’s Kandara district, well-known for its coffee farming, this light roast, fully washed coffee is perfect for the autumn, thanks to the flavours in the cup. Coffees from the Kandara region tend to star beautifully juicy, fruity flavours - think raisins, redcurrants and cherries - and this coffee is no different.

Alongside the summery fruit flavours, though, you’ll find something a little different too. With a beautiful aroma of peanuts and the rich sweetness of brown sugar, there’s a stunning balance between the flavours, giving you a cup that’s both interesting and truly delicious.

It really is a fantastic choice for the autumn - if we say so ourselves! Office coffee has a bad reputation, but it’s time to throw away the instant and keep your staff happy. At the Office Coffee Company, we offer both coffee machine rental and a great choices of coffees (including our speciality coffee subscription service), meaning that it’s easy to start enjoying top notch coffee straightaway. We offer a choice of bean to cup coffee machines to suit all environments, as well as a large variety of seasonal, ethical coffee blends.

If you’re looking to up your office coffee game, contact us to organise an in-house coffee tasting session.

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