Introducing Organic Espresso Coffee

Introducing Organic Espresso Coffee

Most coffee drinkers know their cappuccino from their latte. But the idea of our newest blend to the Cool Earth family is a new one for many.

Our new outstanding Cool Earth triple certified espresso has a recognised ethical standard of coffee production, and as the name implies, it involves meeting three different sets of criteria.

It’s certified organic

For a coffee to be certified organic, it must be grown without the use of any chemical deemed harmful to workers, wildlife, the environment or the coffee itself. A very common way to achieve this is by growing the coffee in the shade.

It’s Fairtrade certified

The Fairtrade approach aims to improve the sustainability of trading in the developing countries that produce the coffee we love so much. It also aims to improve the social conditions of the workers. The coffee is bought for premium price, which boosts income and strengthens the viability of the coffee farms. In return, the farmers invest in the likes of healthcare and education to improve the lives of their workers, the worker’s families and the community as a whole.

It’s Rainforest Alliance certified

A coffee farm must meet the 10 standards set by the Sustainable Agricultural Network before it can bear the Rainforest Alliance badge. These standards ensure farmers protect and conserve the local environment and wildlife. Creating good conditions for workers is also part of the deal.

Triple cert coffees are not commonly found in the workplace, but Owe hope to change that. So we work in partnership with Cool Earth to bring their delicious and ethical blends to offices all over the country. What’s more, every Cool Earth sale results in a donation that will protect as many as five rainforest trees - who knew coffee brewing could be so good for the world?

The range includes: the sweet, intense bright espresso, the rich and punchy crema espresso, a full-bodied espresso and a subtle, but complex, decaf espresso.

Why not order some online get a sample pack delivered or arrange for a free tasting session so we can help you pick the perfect Cool Earth beans for your staff to enjoy? It’s fun and minimum fuss because our coffee experts come to you. Find out more here.

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