How to make consistent quality filter coffee for your office

How to make consistent quality filter coffee for your office

Our top tips for making great filter coffee in your office so that everyone can enjoy a beautiful brew throughout the working day.

If you’re a lover of coffee, you’ll know there’s nothing more delicious than the rich, fresh aroma of a newly brewed filter coffee. Many people love to kick off their days with a coffee, but so few companies have the right facilities in house to produce a beautiful round of filter coffees for everyone to enjoy.Invest

You’re going to need a proper coffee machine if you want to make filter coffee for your office. A cafetiere or V60 is great but a time-consuming process especially if you want to make enough coffee for several people to have a cup. Investing upfront will actually save your office time and money in the long run as time isn’t wasted spent in the kitchen as your employees try to produce a hot cup of coffee for everyone.


If you don’t want to invest full time in a coffee machine but have a series of meetings you’d like to be able to cater for, you can also rent a high-quality coffee machine from us. This flexibility means you can trial our machines before fully committing to a purchase. During your series of meetings, you’ll be able to cater for everyone involved without the extra cost of bringing in coffee from external vendors. You’ll also be able to offer multiple delicious filter coffees throughout the day.

The process of making filter coffee is simple by following our six steps:

1. Ensure you insert a single filter paper within the brew basket
2. Next, pour the contents of the filter grind coffee sachet into the brew basket
3. Slowly, slide the basket back into the machine
4. Then you’re ready to switch your machine on and let the coffee brew.

You can be checking emails whilst the coffee brews as it usually takes between four and five minutes to brew up to two litres of coffee. The best part of freshly brewed filter coffee is that once the brewing has finished, you can fill up your flask with coffee then close or screw the lid onto the flask of coffee to keep it fresh for up to six hours.

Investing in a coffee machine will save you time and money overall, as the efficiency of the machine will allow you to brew delicious fresh coffee for your whole team. There’ll be enough from one brew (depending on the size of your team) for a flask to be filled with coffee, for people to top up from throughout the day.

Shop our full collection of coffee machines here. Alternatively, restock from our collection of filter coffee sachets. We also sell a wide range of cleaning products to ensure your machine is kept at its best for as long as possible.

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