Healthy milk for your coffee machine

Healthy milk for your coffee machine

​We all love fresh milk, right? So what are the milk options and the best solution for coffee machines in the office? We cover all bases so you understand the benefits of freeze dried milk.

These days, the demand for coffee machines in the workplace has become huge. It’s fast becoming the norm for businesses to recreate the coffee shop quality and experience in their office as a way to engage and reward employees.

This means using the exact same ingredients and products at the office that would be used by a traditional Batista in a coffee shop. These include using a bean to cup coffee machine, correct glassware, quality coffee beans and, of course, fresh milk.

More often than not though, using the same equipment as a coffee shop is not always appropriate or suitable for the office environment. This is the case for fresh milk in particular. Fresh milk can be a blessing when you have the correct means of storing it i.e. in a fridge and when you only need to use it when you are making an individual drink each time. However, it isn’t always ideal for use in a bean to cup machine, particularly in an office environment.

Some bean to cup machines use fresh milk that is placed into a container inside the machine or a separate fridge outside. However, this often creates additional work and cleaning issues for offices managers. Fresh milk can become unhygienic and poses bacterial risks particularly in pipes where it can clog if not cleaned regularly. 

So good product but not so easy to work with unless you have the resource to keep your coffee machine clean and hygienic all day. So, how can we create the same, great tasting, coffee shop style beverage at work without using fresh milk? Well, one good alternative to this is the use of granulated milk.

I know what your thinking, how can granulated milk possibly be any kind of comparison to the fresh stuff, granulated milk isn’t real milk right? Wrong. Granulated milk, unlike whitening or topping based products which are a milk alternative, is real, fresh milk that has just been freeze dried and packaged. When water is added to granulated milk, it returns to its former self, and looks exactly like the kind of milk you’d get from a carton.

With this in mind, the benefits of freeze dried milk are can’t be ignored. Whilst you aren’t missing out on the quality and taste of regular milk, you might be gaining a lot more by not using it. For a start, using freeze dried milk is a hassle free, not to mention more hygienic method of making your cup of coffee. In your bean to cup machine, you can simply pour your packet of granulated milk into the dedicated container in your coffee machine and this will then create your chosen drink just like a Batista would froth or steam their milk to make a latte or cappuccino. With no spillages, using freeze dried milk can be a lot easier in terms of cleaning your coffee machine regularly.

Another great benefit of using granulated milk is the wonderful healthy alternative it makes. Where it is not always possible to have fresh milk, some people may look to a whitener or topping product for a milk alternative which is convenient. However, these are not always very good for us as they often contain a higher amount of chemicals. Granulated milk products though, use skimmed milk which have been known to have less than 1% fat. Combine this with the fact that they contain no artificial substances or additives and hot beverages made using granulated milk become the perfect coffee break option for the health conscious.

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