Detoxing the office: why matcha green tea is your go-to beverage

Matcha green tea is nature's very own miracle worker, and a tasty, detoxifying alternative to your regular office tea or coffee.


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You don't usually hear the words 'coffee' and 'detox' in the same sentence. And around Christmas time, when the office is full to the brim with chocolates, cakes and other tempting Christmas treats, it's difficult to think about watching what you eat and taking care of yourself. But here at the Office Coffee Company, we're a firm believer in keeping up healthy habits and lifestyle choices all year round, while still taking advantage of the occasional indulgence. And believe it or not, your hot beverage can feature in your detox, too.

We know that coffee is not always the best thing to help you improve bad habits, but on our quest to find the perfect detox office order, we've found a fantastic alternative that will boost your productivity, help you kick your vices and make you feel amazing after the holiday season.

Matcha green tea is nature's very own miracle worker, and a tasty, detoxifying alternative to your regular office tea or coffee. Matcha is a highly concentrated powdered form of green tea, which is overflowing with powerful antioxidant properties. In fact, research has shown that matcha green tea can have up to one hundred (yes, one hundred!) times as many antioxidants as black tea. Not only this, but green tea is known to fight free radicals - those tricky things that cause oxidative stress and increase chances of chronic diseases and signs of ageing. Matcha green tea contains important organic compounds which actively combat free radicals, and can have a real and immediate effect on your health, wellbeing and mood, great for maintaining high spirits in the office!

We've worked long and hard to find the perfect matcha green tea for the typical office environment, and we've come across our favourite, Pukka, which is by far our preferred brand in terms of quality, range and taste. Pukka has a huge selection of matcha green teas, from ginseng to mint and everything in between, so there really is something to suit everyone's taste in their range.

The guys over at Pukka know their tea, and they've spent time studying the specific benefits of matcha and other plant-based ingredients. They know what they're doing, and they've developed their tea based on their vast herbal expertise. That's why we simply have to recommend them as our number matcha green tea brand. But don't just take our word for it, why not try Pukka's range yourself? You'll be convinced in no time that green really is the new black!

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