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At the Office Coffee Company we are always striving to deliver great coffee into the workplace. Coffee Project is our new speciality coffee subscription especially for offices.


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Speciality Coffee

To complement our range of Cool Earth Coffee, every month we source, roast and taste some of the finest speciality coffees from around the world, so you can give your office and your colleagues something to look forward to in the morning - and a new topic to discuss at lunchtime. The Coffee Project provides regular deliveries of the finest coffee from distant lands and diverse cultures.

Earlier this year, the Kenyan Peaberry (March 2016) followed in the footsteps of our Karengera Cyiyugiza from Rwanda, Tarrazu Hermosa from Costa Rica and AA Thunguri from Kenya. The chocolaty-flavoured Fedelecuaga Huehuetenango from Guatemala was another huge hit, and we’ve got plenty of exotic and delicious speciality coffees ready for you to sample throughout the rest of 2016. We might have to bring some favourites back too.

So what makes coffee 'specialty'?

Coffee is graded on a number of factors from altitude / origin to bean size and density. Most importantly its how it performs in the cup – pleasant flavours, characteristics and cleanliness. Few coffees within each origin are graded in the specialty category.

We start by seeing what’s in season and then sample roast and cup to find the most interesting and delicious coffees to share with our coffee loving customers.

If you’re keen to expand your horizons, abandon your inhibitions and pursue a flavour journey that will take you right across the world, ask us about The Coffee Project today.

The Coffee Project operates on a subscription basis, for those who like a little variety in their daily cup of coffee. Every month, we’ll deliver our latest selection to you – all you have to do is let us know whether you’d like us to grind the beans for you.

When you first subscribe we’ll make sure you have everything you need to begin your Coffee Project adventure. To provide you with the freshest product possible, we deliver every fortnight.

To talk about a Coffee Project subscription, get in touch. Call 0203 763 4035 or email us

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