What is Batch filter coffee brewing?

What is Batch filter coffee brewing?

​In recent years filter coffee brewing has made a huge comeback, especially within the specialty coffee scene and it's creeping into offices, but why?

Batch Filter Coffee brewing, it’s a delight I tell you!

I’ve been fortunate to spend time with some truly amazing Batista’s over the past few years, many have said to me it fascinates them because they know very little about filter coffee brewing. Thankfully the knowledge is now sky high and just keeps climbing!

So what’s out there in today’s market?

One cup brewing has become very popular and coffee fanatics are getting their hands on an aeropress, chemex or indeed any siphon method.

There is lots of theatre, theories and mathematical equations in the quest of achieving the correct brew ratio for that perfect cup go hand in hand with these brewing methods. As a coffee lover, this is a lot of fun, however a little time consuming.

So what other methods are out there to brew filter coffee a little quicker? ‘Batch brew’ coffee of course.

Batch brew coffee, after all we know in the industry it still gets a bad name. Why?! I guess because there is no theatrical Batista trying to create poetry in motion. It’s just an industrial looking machine, brewing coffee into a flask or container and associated with mass produced coffee in large hotels and conference centres.

It’s so easy to taste coffee with your eyes rather than with your mouth. Its what’s in the cup that matters and not the process of the final journey.

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