5 ways to reuse coffee grounds

5 ways to reuse coffee grounds

There are many things you can do with coffee grounds other than bin them. Here's some unusual ways that coffee grounds are being recycled so they don't go to landfill.

For beauty routines

No, really. Mix some grounds up with a drop of water to make a paste. Place under your eyes to reduce eye puffiness.

Coffee grounds make a great exfoliator, and you’ll smell yummy too. Either use on their own or mix with a little bit of olive oil for a smoother scrub. You can even buy straight out the tub, check out “cup of coffee” by our friends over at Lush.

They’re also used for getting rid of cellulite - that has got to be a bonus. Mix coffee grounds and coconut oil together before smearing onto your cellulite for a few minutes, and then rinse off. After a few weeks you’ll notice a difference.

To clean around the house

Coffee grounds have so many household uses. Placing a bowl of coffee grounds in your fridge can get rid of lingering smells. Mixing coffee grounds up with some soapy water can really work to get rid of hard to remove dirt on tiles and surfaces. You can also use them to remove grease on pans (as long as they won’t stain).

For removing scratches, mix coffee grounds with vinegar and warm water. Make a paste and rub gently into scratches.

As a fuel

Bio-bean is a company that uses coffee grounds in some pretty amazing ways. Your coffee grounds can be made into logs for log burning stoves, and are also being used to power London buses.
Now that coffee grounds can be recycled into bio fuel, the possibilities are endless.

To make your garden grow

Coffee grounds really come into their own in the garden. You can actually help your blue mophead hydrangeas stay blue by working coffee grounds into the soil around them. This increases the acidity in the soil which is what turns them blue.

They’re also great for getting rid of pests too. Sprinkle the grounds around your patio and flower beds and you’ll see slugs and snails off in no time!

Believe it or not, carrot seeds love coffee! Mix the grounds with the seeds when you’re ready to sow and plant together. This gives the carrots a massive energy boost.

5. For arts and crafts

You can make candles from coffee and the old wax ends of candles. Here’s a video on how to here. You’ll end up with a gorgeous scented candle that’s really cheap and easy to make. They also make good gifts.

Coffee grounds also make a great dye, which you can use for dying clothes, or for making sepia tinted paints. To make a paint, just mix with water.

For a dye, mix the coffee grounds with water to make a paste and spread all over the cloth you want to dye. Hang the fabric to dry, still covered in the coffee grounds. Once dry brush off the grounds and you have your dyed material.

So there you go, lots of tips for using grounds. Here at Office Coffee we are recycling the coffee grounds from our machines to make bio fuel. We can help set this up for the machines in your office too.

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