Why we love speciality coffee (and you should too!)

We are very excited to announce our new speciality coffee, Office Origins. As we are passionate about all things coffee, we believe in providing a speciality coffee that you will love too.


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Speciality Coffee

We explore the differences between speciality and commercial coffee, and why you may opt to choose speciality coffee for your workplace.

What is speciality coffee?

There are two types of coffee: commercial grade and speciality. Speciality coffee has been tested and graded by a member of the SCA (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) and it needs to have an 80/100 score to be classified as a speciality coffee.

Many different elements are involved in producing a speciality coffee, including growing beans in the perfect climate, the soil used and the beans being harvesting at the correct time. In essence, speciality coffee tastes better because of the quality of coffee bean that is used.

So, what is commercial coffee?

Commercial coffee is very different to speciality coffee. This is the coffee that is made readily available by many of the big brands and our Cool Earth range.

Commercial coffee may be a mix of different coffees and origins. It has fewer checks during the picking and packaging process, with a limited choice of both blend and roast.

Greater consumer choice

One of the many benefits of speciality coffee is that it offers wider consumer choice. You can carefully select a coffee based upon region and how it is roasted, as well as the price. This is not the same with commercial coffee.

It's all about the Origin

It's important that a speciality coffee can be traced back to its very source and that every step is accounted for. This means that the region, farm, and even individual owner can be identified for a particular coffee. This also creates a coffee with an individual and personalised twist, something that commercial coffee may not achieve.

Availability and types of coffee

It's a common misconception that speciality coffee is more difficult to source and therefore is too expensive. This is simply not true. Although it costs more than commercial coffee, you are paying for the sourcing, work hours and great taste.

Interestingly, there are around 75 distinct species of coffee, the two most popular being Robusta and Arabica. Variations from these two include the likes of Caturra, Acaia and Typica. Dedicated roasters are able to source speciality beans, and help to find new and interesting flavours and blends.

A great taste

You really can't beat the fresh, individual and deeply personalised taste of a speciality coffee. You can also choose the strength of coffee. You can, of course, also choose your preferred brewing method, and alter the taste of coffee according to your own preferred taste.

It is for all the above reasons that we are so proud to provide our very own speciality coffee. Origins speciality coffee is prepared to the specific desires of your work team, so it includes espresso, filter and cafetiere. Why not check out Origins available in our store now.

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