What is the one thing forgotten when sourcing a new coffee machine?

What is the one thing forgotten when sourcing a new coffee machine?

Pushy sales are gone and you understand the features, cleaning, service and costs involved, but hold on a minute.

We examine the single most important factor in your new coffee service that often gets overlooked – yes “the coffee”.

At the Office Coffee Company we start with what’s “in cup” and through years of experience providing businesses just like yours consistently excellent coffees, we are proud to introduce the “Cool Earth” range of espresso.

The Cool Earth name originated from our charity partners of the same name who work alongside indigenous communities to protect amazon rainforest. Each blend is sourced from Organic, Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance Certified farms and roasted for freshness, here in the UK. Take a read of our three - very popular office pleasing blends.

Triple Cert Espresso Enjoy as a latte or an Americano.

Origins: Peru and Sumatra

Bean type: 100% Arabica

Certification: Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and Organic

Roast Profile: Medium Dark

In the cup: Here’s a coffee with lots of attitude – heavy, velvety, juicy, fruity and chocolatey at the same time. The Peruvian influence coffee gives the blend a wellrounded blackcurrant juiciness with a medium acidity and sweetness. The Sumatran coffee is incredibly wild, complex and heavy creating a velvety chocolaty mouth feel, which pleasantly lingers in the palette.

Bright EspressoSimply great as an espresso or in a flat white

Origins: Colombia, Honduras and Tanzania

Bean type: 100% Arabica

Certification: Rainforest Alliance Certified

Roast Profile: Medium

In the cup: We love Bright Espresso and once you try an espresso you’ll know why! On tasting you’ll notice tropical fruits straight away. Hold on for a few moments and a citrusy lemon acidity with a developing silky, sweet buttery mouth feel and a crisp disappearing finish. The Bright Espresso profile fits perfectly with the new third wave coffee, high in sweetness and acidity, wonderfully vibrant and light on body.

Crema Espressoa wonferful cappuccino

Origins: Brazil and Tanzania

Bean type: 50% Arabica and 50% Robusta

Certification: Fairtrade

Roast Profile: Medium Dark

In the cup: Crema can be described as the classic ‘Italian style’ espresso! Mellow in sweetness and acidity, dark chocolate and nutty hazelnut flavours with a creamy biscuity mouthfeel and a lovely inviting crema - a great option if you need a pick me up morning coffee or comforting afternoon coffee break.

With your new installation our coffee buff will set up and fine tune your new coffee machine for the Cool Earth blend you enjoy the most, so your team can make coffee like a pro – and the office wont be able to thank you enough!

              Why not order a sample pack for delivery or arrange for a free tasting session? We can arrange a visit your office so that you have the opportunity to try each of our mouth watering blends.

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