Three reasons coffee is needed more than ever in the winter

We take a look at the three reasons why you can be confident in knowing that the drink is helping you make it through the winter.


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People rarely need an excuse to brew up. This is especially true in an office environment, where it’s deemed both sociable and necessary to enjoy coffee throughout the working day. The benefits of your daily caffeine fix are witnessed all year long – but it’s over the winter when you can really get the most out of enjoying a hot cup of coffee. Next time you nip over to the coffee machine in work, here are three reasons why you can be confident in knowing that the drink is helping you make it through the winter.


Coffee is proven to warm people up, but probably not in the way that you think it does. Yes, you might feel like your body is heating up just because you are consuming a beverage largely made up of boiling water. You will also feel a slight benefit when you hold a steaming hot cup in your hands on a frosty morning. However, it’s not the water that warms you up – it’s the caffeine! Caffeine-based drinks – whether consumed hot or cold – stimulate your metabolism and cause your body to burn fuel at a quicker pace. In the process, this causes your core temperature to heat up – a sensation that you just can’t beat on cold winter mornings.


It’s been found that the majority of people sleep worse in the winter than they tend to at other times of the year. This is down to a multitude of reasons, including the fact that an abundance of cold air can cause respiratory problems and daylight savings can cause serious issues with body clocks. These two factors alone can cause people to routinely over sleep and under sleep – two things that can leave you feeling groggy and lacking in energy throughout the day if you don’t take action. Luckily, you will start to reverse these negative feelings from your very first trip to the coffee machine in work. It should take no time whatsoever for you to feel lively and vibrant as you go about your business following your brew.


The risk of falling ill increases greatly over the winter. This is due to the flu and a climate that will generally leave people with a weakened immune system. Fortunately, you can take positive steps to protecting your health if you drink enough coffee over the winter. This is because the hot water can lead to improving your metabolism. As a rule, a sturdy metabolism will help you to manage your weight better. If you can maintain a healthy weight over the winter, you should find that you can avoid ailments – such as high blood pressure and breathing problems – until the chilly season is over and done with.

Your coffee awaits!

There’s every reason to enjoy copious cups of coffee over the winter. After all, the beverage could be the very thing that helps you get through the season in one piece! For more information on coffee machines fit for any office environment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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