Starting your day right before the office day begins

Starting your day right before the office day begins

​Sometimes it can be challenging to wake up and feel energised for the day ahead. With a few simple, easy and actionable routines, you can change your outlook, allowing you to start the day right!

1. Give yourself time

While setting an alarm early in the morning may seem difficult, it will be far more productive to set an alarm early and give yourself plenty of time to get ready than setting a late alarm and stressing about time. Additional time in the morning will allow you to shower and eat a healthy breakfast which will set you up for the day, resulting in a far more productive morning’s work.

2. Take time for meditation

Allowing even a five minute period for some meditation can have a positive impact on the rest of your day. Meditation can bring clarity and positive energy, so finding time for this before work can really help you to start your day right before the stresses of the office. Breathing mindfully has been shown to lower heart rate and cholesterol levels, so a calm state of mind can not only help your day but can help your health too!

3. Stretches flex your muscles

Getting ready for a day of sitting still in front of a computer can be difficult, but one of the best ways to combat this is through morning stretches. Whether you adhere to a specific yoga routine or even just follow a YouTube video, these stretches can help set your muscles up for a day of limited movement in front of a desk,

4. Shower!

As well as allowing you to feel clean and fresh for the day ahead, a shower can help get your system going. If you can face it, try having a morning shower in cold water, to really give your system a shock and make you feel wide awake!

5. Nourishment is key

In the mornings, it is vital to give yourself the nourishment you need for the day ahead. This is why breakfast is so vital, and choosing food that will energise your body throughout the day is so important. Give yourself a good breakfast of fibre and minerals that will release themselves throughout the day, such as porridge or eggs, to keep you from feeling hungry or irritable.

6. Choose the best coffee

It is well known that a great coffee can help you start the day right. As well as tasting amazing offering you a blend of subtle ingredients, it can also help you to feel more awake and refreshed. A great coffee will wake you up and give you the energy needed for the day ahead, no matter how hard it looks to be.

At the Office Coffee Company, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best quality coffee, allowing them to start the morning exactly as they desire. For more information, please contact us.

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