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The Franke A600 is simple and easy to use fresh milk coffee machine that guides it users from start to finish, saving you less time on brewing and more time for business.


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For many of us, a cup of coffee is a daily ritual: something to be savoured and enjoyed as well as a caffeine lifeline to help power us through a busy work schedule. But office life can leave us little time for a fresh brew and we often find ourselves reaching for instant as a commodity. The freeze dried foe of coffee lovers, instant coffee lacks everything that fresh ground beans offers. Forget instant: it's time for the Business.

The Franke A600 business coffee machine is an office essential that ensures that everyone, employees and guests alike, has time to enjoy a fresh brew at the touch of a button. Offering the opportunity of a freshly ground cup of coffee adds a professional finesse to the reception of any office for client meetings. It avoids the mid-afternoon sluggish slump and the unnecessary feeling of 'depresso': the sudden feeling of sadness when you run out of coffee.

When you stand at the machine, it is simple and easy to use with touch screen technology that guides it users from start to finish, saving you less time on brewing and more time for business. With up to 18 drink choices and up to 150 servings per fill, the A600 Franke delivers unbeatable self-service operation. So whether you take an espresso, cappuccino, mocha, americano or even a skinny caramel latte, the A600 Franke has a setting suitable to fix you a fresh brew in no time.

A fresh cup of coffee is a proven quick pick-me-up to help enhance your mental performance. So whether you are heading into that all important meeting, job interview, or presentation, a quick cup of freshly ground joe is an essential. We offer a wide selection of high quality, fragrant and flavoursome beans to use in your business coffee machine.

However, caffeine isn't for everyone. Some of us coffee lovers can only take so much of an extra buzz, but just can't resist the taste of another steaming cup. We offer deaffeinated coffee beans that can be used in the A600 Franke business coffee machine for those wanting to avoid the extra dose of caffeine in their cup. These little beans make up in flavour what they lack in energy, so everyone can satisfy their need for coffee.

Fed up of freeze-dried, flavourless coffee? We thought so. For fresh coffee in the office, turn to the Office Coffee Company. Contact us today for more information.

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