Our Christmas coffee is from Costa Rica

Anyone who has ever been to the exotic country of Costa Rica will no doubt have come across some of the nation’s infamous coffee.


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Considered to be among the finest quality coffee, Costa Rican beans are highly desired around the world. And for anyone who loves the rich taste of high percentage cocoa bars, our Costa Rican coffee will send you to pure heaven. Rich in body, and with bright crisp acidity and a splash of honey, this coffee will be just what you need to send you into the festive season with a glow, and is a perfect pick-me-up for those cold winter mornings.

This particular coffee, which is imported from the beautiful Tarrazu region near Costa Rica’s lush west coast, is typically cultivated at eye-watering altitudes of between 1,600 and 1,750 metres above sea level. Die-hard coffee fans will know that this is a good sign for taste buds; generally, the higher the altitude, the cooler the temperature, leading to more acidity and a complex taste. This region produces two varieties of coffee – the Caturra and the Cataui, which both require extensive care and fertilization. They are, therefore, very sought-after types of coffee.

Costa Rica is also famed for its purity; in fact the national phrase, spoken by everyone in this tiny country, is “pura vida”, which translates simply to mean “pure life”! The country has an active volcano at its centre, hot winds blowing through its hilly terrain, as well as the most active and complex ecosystem in the world, making conditions for coffee-growing completely unique and rich.

Once cultivated, these magical little beans are thoroughly washed. This technique involves pulping the bean, which removes the outer layer of the skin. After this, the bean is fermented in water for around two days, often longer. The bean is then washed after it releases all of its natural aroma. This is a highly skilled practice and one that is widely considered to produce the finest coffee.

As Christmas approaches, there is no better morning beverage than this festive brew – this fine medium roast taste will keep you jolly and singing festive carols all season long!

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