July's speciality coffee is from El Salvador

July's speciality coffee is from El Salvador

This month’s speciality coffee, Cerro De Ataco, brings some more indulgent flavours to your taste buds.

Fresh from El Salvador in Central America, Cerro De Ataco is a real crowdpleaser and given June’s unprecedented rainfall we thought it was time to bring marshmallows and cocoa back to the UK’s offices.

With the mellow flavour of milk chocolate, the sweetness of marshmallows and the creaminess of whipped cream, Cerro De Ataco is on hand to comfort you through those back-to-back meetings and encroaching to-do lists. Whether you need that kick to meet your deadline or you just want to take 10 with the perfect brew, we’re on hand to help.

Cerro De Ataco’s warming flavours are complemented by its medium/light roast, which creates the perfect balance of medium acidity and a lovely, smooth, well-rounded body. Having benefited from being washed, Cerro De Ataco beans have had their intrinsic qualities preserved and retain bright and fruity notes.

Cerro De Ataco beans have a sought-after “strictly high grown” rating, having been grown at 1,900 metres up in the hiker’s paradise of Apaneca Ilamatepac. It is this volcanic region, home to the Faro del Pacifico Biosphere Reserve, where many past Cup of Excellence winners are to be found! The shaded coffee plantations are a key element in the landscape and several studies conducted in the area demonstrate the role of traditional coffee growing systems in protecting the biodiversity of the reserve and its natural forest canopy.

We’re proud to provide an outstanding range of Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and Cool Earth coffees, making sure that we safeguard rainforests from loggers and ranchers and help to prevent climate change. We are also passionate about protecting the homes and livelihoods of indigenous people by working extensively with small hold farmers. So, you can rest assured you’re sipping an ethical cup of coffee!

Our Coffee machine rental and great office coffee means you can start enjoying top-notch coffee straight away. We offer free coffee tasting sessions, so contact us to treat your team to the Cerro De Ataco experience as well as all the other blends we have on offer.

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