How do you take yours?

The way your office colleagues take their coffee says a lot about them. Let’s take a look through the coffee filter and see who we can find.


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1. How you take yours: Black, hot, consumed quickly

Most likely role: The Boss

You’ll probably drink your coffee standing up, or even on the run between meetings. High flyers don’t have time to sit and savour. You like your caffeine hit to be ready when you are.

Most likely to say:" It’s tough at the top, but even worse if we run out of coffee".

2. How you take yours: Not too strong, in your special mug with a generous splash of milk (labelled, of course)

Most likely role: Office Manager

You can’t imagine what you’d do if someone stole your special mug from the office kitchen. You like familiarity and routine. Once you’ve had your caffeine fix you’re ready to get back to what you do best, making sure office life runs smoothly. Naturally, you’re the one who makes sure the coffee machine is always filled and ready to go.

Most likely to say: "A place for everything an everything in its place."

3. How you take yours: Sweet and frothy

Most likely role: Receptionist

Your coffee break is more about the catch-up with your colleagues than the caffeine hit itself. You love the fun side of life, and prefer a frothy Cappuccino to a plain old filter.

Most likely to say: "How was your weekend?"

4. How you take yours: Strong and plentiful

Most likely role: IT Manager

You are a true caffeine addict. You’ll walk into the office holding a takeaway coffee cup, and will regularly pop to the coffee machine to top up. Getting though your working day (and night) without coffee is unthinkable.

Most likely to say: "I’ll be working late tonight."

5. How you take yours: Any old way, it’s the cake that matters

Most likely role: Events co-ordinator

You love parties, entertaining and cooking. Nothing makes you happier than sharing savoury and sweet treats with your colleagues. While most of your colleagues scramble for a slice, the dieters in the office will run away screaming.

Most likely to say: "Go on, have another one."

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