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The foundation and ethos of the Office Coffee Company has always been that sustainability is about more than marketing hype.


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Since we opened for business in 2011, the foundation and ethos of the Office Coffee Company has always been that sustainability is about more than marketing hype for us; we love coffee - but we love the earth too.

In 2015 we were delighted to launch the UK's first fully compostable fresh filter coffee packaging.

Every year the UK produces more than 100 millions tonnes of waste, and that waste goes into landfill.

Landfill is a huge hole in the ground that is gradually filled with our rubbish, which then rots and generates methane gas and CO2 emissions that are extremely harmful to the atmosphere – and if that isn't bad enough as it is, landfill is also expensive for local tax payers.

It has been estimated that up to 80% of the contents of our waste could be easily recycled or composted.

Our compostable coffee packaging is approved for industrial composting and has been subject to a 12 week test, where 90% of the packaging material must degrade and pass through a vibrating 2 mm mesh plate. This same testing was applied for 26 weeks for its home composting accreditation.

The rigorous testing procedure for our environmentally friendly coffee packaging also included heavy testing for metal and ecotoxicity.

Our sustainability credentials don't stop there...

Planet First in partnership with the Eden Project have awarded us the Planet Mark business certification for our year on year commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. To read their latest guide to reducing carbon footprints, visit their website.

We also support Cool Earth - a rainforest charity - ensuring that for each and every coffee sold, a donation is made to save rainforest trees.

Guilt free coffee is delicious. Don't believe us? Book a free coffee tasting and find out. Tasting sessions are a fun way to involve the entire office in selecting which of our coffees are right for you. We even offer hot chocolate too!

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