Five ways office coffee drives workplace morale

Five ways office coffee drives workplace morale

We take a look how coffee is key to improving morale in the office.

Low morale is detrimental to a business, as it sees staff become less passionate and less productive. Keeping morale high is so important and there are many ways to do this - regular praise, strong management and a happy atmosphere are some examples. There are also some really simple and effective ways to boost morale, and one of this is good coffee. You’d be amazed at how a decent cup of coffee can make a difference. Here are five ways in which workplace morale is effected by coffee.

1. A perk of the business

Many businesses look for ways to offer perks to employees. These perks are designed to make staff feel appreciated, valued and respected. Business perks give people extra little reasons to love their workplace, which undoubtedly keeps morale boosted and spirits high. Offering good, quality coffee is a really simple and affordable way to give a little perk to employees, and this touch can have a huge impact.

2. Social atmosphere

Coffee breaks are the perfect time for employees to interact with each other and form friendships. This makes for a closer team, who will work positively together and enjoy each other’s company within the workforce. Positive relationships are really important as it keeps the office atmosphere light, welcoming and happy. Negative energy lowers morale significantly, but by offering good coffee you encourage employees to interact within the workplace. This is particularly important for new employees, who may not often get the chance to interact socially with their new colleagues. Onsite coffee breaks help welcome them to the fold and ensure that they settle in well.

3. It reduces stress

Breaks are an essential part of any working day. They allow staff the chance to unwind, relax and take an all-important step away from their computer screens and desks. Having decent coffee onsite means that employees don’t need to go out to local coffee shops, reducing their relaxation time dramatically. Enjoyable breaks will always ensure that staff return to work feeling refreshed, re-energised and ready to complete the tasks ahead. You should see a surge in productivity after staff breaks, keeping morale high for everybody.

4. Warmth and comfort

On bitter, winter days getting to the office in the dark can be a drag. Staff may arrive feeling tired, cold and miserable. Drinking coffee is not only immediately warming, but it also has mood enhancing effects. Having a cup of coffee before a shift can ensure that staff feel happy, comforted and warm, meaning they are more likely to maintain a positive attitude throughout the day. Keeping those winter blues away is not a difficult task when your office supplies delicious hot drinks.

Keep up the morale in your office with the simple approach of coffee. Here at the Office Coffee Company we understand the importance of a happy workplace and that’s why we offer a variety of coffee machines to suit any business needs. Get in touch with us today to find out what we have to offer.

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