Bean to cup office coffee machines

Bean to cup office coffee machines

Without having to venture out of the office, a quality machine and good quality coffee can give that authentic ‘coffee shop’ taste.

Britain is a nation of coffee addicts, and with chain coffee stores popping up along every high street in the United Kingdom, the interest in high quality, ethically sourced coffee continues to go from strength to strength. Our love of freshly ground, great tasting coffee has even filtered into our workplaces. After decades of tasteless, brown liquid from the cafeteria vending machine and dull run-of-the-mill instant brews, more and more offices are seeing the perks of bean to cup coffee machines, and the trend is really taking off.

Nothing brings people together quite as successfully as a good brew, and the benefits of having a bean to cup coffee machine on hand in the office are easy to see. Companies who invest in a bean to cup coffee machine see a great return on their investment in a happier, more productive and less stressed workforce.

Without having to venture out of the office, a quality machine can give that great tasting coffee with an authentic ‘coffee shop’ feel, and advances in the technology behind bean to cup machines mean they are now faster, more compact and more efficient than ever before. When it comes to choosing the right machine for your office, there are a few things you need to consider, chief amongst them being the quality of the coffee you use. Buying high quality ingredients gives a better taste, and the range of fantastic, ethically sourced coffees available from the the Office Coffee Company certainly tick all the boxes in terms of flavour and low environmental impact.

Some business owners unwisely choose domestic machines which simply won’t stand up to the challenge of serving hundreds of cups of coffee on a daily basis, so picking a commercial bean to cup machine which can take the strain is key.

Your office coffee equipment should also be easy to clean and descale, because no matter how much your staff might love the machine, it’s unlikely they’ll take ownership when it comes to maintaining it. Many commercial machines are now smart enough to feature a simple self-cleaning function, which will help keep them in tip-top condition and prolong their lifespan.

With a fantastic range of bean to cup coffee machines available to rent, the Office Coffee Company can advise on the most suitable machine for your workplace and ensure it’s kept in the very best condition, allowing you to enjoy top-notch, coffee-shop standard coffee from the comfort of your desk.

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