A drink for every mood: which hot drink is best for you right now?

A drink for every mood: which hot drink is best for you right now?

When it comes to our hot drinks, we Brits don’t scrimp on choice – whether you’re a coffee fan, a traditional tea-lover or a herbal blend fancier - there's something for everyone.

Whether you’re having a down day or you’re just in need of a pick-me-up after a late night, reaching for the kettle just might be the cure you’re looking for. Want to know which drinks can lift your mood or provide that much-needed boost? Here are just a few options to get you started:

To feel awake and energised

There’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned coffee to help you start your day off with that burst of energy. Good-quality espresso, in particular, is a great choice to really open your eyes and start your day off the right way. If your goal is to feel energised, wide-awake and generally alert and involved, then coffee is probably your best bet. Alternatively, a breakfast tea that’s caffeine-rich can provide that same boost if strong coffee isn’t to your tastes.

To feel refreshed and ready to go

If you prefer a subtle yet still refreshing start to your morning, then going herbal is your top choice. Macha tea, or a lemon or citrus-based tea, is an excellent way to feel refreshed, upbeat and generally enthusiastic about the day to come. There’s a reason these teas are used for detoxes - they leave you feeling lighter from your first cup, and every cup after. Light, bright and delicious, there’s plenty of good to be said about these drinks.

To feel calm and relaxed

Winding down after a stressful day? Then choosing hot drinks that are designed to relax you and get you ready for bedtime are a must. Forgo the caffeine in exchange for something like a chamomile tea, which is well known to calm and relax you. Peppermint tea is another great option that also relieves anxiety and tensions, letting the day fall away and leaving you ready for whatever life throws at you.

To feel comforted and chilled

There’s little more comforting than a good, British cup of tea. That’s our first pick for levelling out that mood and putting everything to rights. But if you’re looking for something a little more comforting for your sweet tooth, opting for a decaf cappuccino or a hot chocolate is an excellent alternative. There’s nothing quite like treating yourself to bring on the comfort and set yourself up for a chilled evening in or even a less stressful afternoon.

Whatever your mood, there’s a drink out there to suit you. At the Office Coffee Company, we know the importance of excellent quality drinks for the workplace – as well as for the rest of your day. Find out more about what we do online today, or get in touch with us now to discuss our coffee services today.

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