6 Coffee Trends to Embrace in 2019

With 2019 just around the corner, now is the perfect time to look ahead at the six biggest coffee trends.


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Enjoy your coffee at home and in the office with these exciting new coffee trends.

1. Cold brew coffee

Cold brew coffee will continue to be a huge trend in 2019. This coffee is brewed in exactly the same way as traditional coffee with the only difference being that cold water is used instead of hot. What this process produces is a less bitter taste that is smooth and preferred over the summer months. It can also be made with spices and can be teamed with sweet syrups.

2. Buttered coffee

Yes, the rumours are true as you can now have butter in your coffee. Buttered coffee, that is also known as Bulletproof coffee, is when healthy fats such as coconut oil are added to your morning brew. This can actually give you that much needed energy boost while helping you to absorb nutrients.

If you haven't heard of buttered coffee yet then you soon will.

3. Cascara - coffee tea

Coffee tea is a herbal coffee that is made from the cherry, or 'husk' of the coffee bean. These husks that are red in colour resemble cherries and can give the coffee a slightly red tinge. Coffee cherry tea is made by using these husks that are usually thrown away. They are ground and then infused in hot water, just as you would make loose leaf tea. Packed with antioxidants, this coffee is viewed as a super-food.

4. Nitrogen fuelled coffee

Nitrogen coffee is also called Nitrogen Cold Brew as it is made from cold brew coffee that is then infused with nitrogen. What you get is a cup of coffee that very much resembles a pint of beer, as it has a fabulous frothy head. Nitrogen coffee is a refreshing and light coffee that is very much enjoyed for its sweet taste and copious amount of bubbles. It's usually served in clubs and pubs although it will become even more popular in regular coffee shops in 2019.

5. Coffee in your mock-tail

High quality ground coffee is used to make both cocktails and mock-tails with a fabulous caffeine kick. It can be mixed with lemonade and even vodka. Cocktails featuring espresso shots have become increasingly popular and will continue to grow even bigger in 2019. Espresso is often mixed with cold lemon tea, or it can be drunk with lime and a mint infusion.

6. Sustainable sourcing

Finally, sustainably sourced coffee will remain to be a huge trend in 2019. We all need to protect our planet and ensure that farmers are paid a fair wage. Drinking sustainable source coffee not only tastes great, but it gives you that much needed peace of mind.

The Office Company Co take great pride in providing the office environment with sustainably sourced coffee.

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