5 signs you should invest in decent office coffee

5 signs you should invest in decent office coffee

We take a look at the early signs you should invest in upgrading your coffee at work.

Some people find even the most basic of early morning conversation challenging, until they’ve savoured that first mug of coffee. For others, a regular flow of caffeine at work is the only way to stay mentally agile and focused.

So surely the quality of the beverage doesn’t matter, as long as there is a ready supply? Absolutely not. It could be argued that bad coffee is actually worse than no coffee at all!

1. The brew than binds teams

Does your team huddle together periodically to catch up and chat? If not, why not?

Modern employers have grasped that to build team spirit and staff loyalty, you need to respect your employees and keep them happy. That includes giving them a certain amount of time to clear their heads and “reboot” during the day.

One of the best places for stress-relieving social interaction is the communal area around a source of good quality coffee. It doesn’t work nearly as well if the team are turning their nose up at a kettle and a canister of instant, to trudge back to their workstations.

2. More fluid customer relations

Do your visitors and customers refuse your offer of a beverage - with a look of mild panic - on their second visit?

In this pressurised economy, creating a good customer experience is vital. If you have meetings at your premises, visitors need to be made to feel “valued”.

Nor should providing VIPs with high-quality refreshments mean sending a junior staff member scurrying off to a nearby coffee house. Simply turn to a quality coffee machine to work its magic in “oiling the wheels of commerce”.

3. Making business personal

Do your customers and staff look a little sceptical when you mention how much you value them and how deeply you care?

It’s often the little things that matter – the low cost ways you can demonstrate your attention to detail and your empathy as an executive.

Show stakeholders you have their best interests at heart by providing personal touches to your office environment. For example, a coffee machine that gives fingertip control over creating a quality cup of java to suit their individual tastes.

4. First impressions count

The human brain is miraculous. In just one tenth of a second, we can glance at a situation and formulate a comprehensive assessment.

Test yourself. You walk into a room and see someone. In a split second you have worked out their gender, approximate age, race and possibly social standing. If they are in the middle of a group of people they are an extrovert. Stood to the side and detached, they are an introvert.

Now imagine someone walking in to your reception. First impressions count. Are they greeted by the proven potency of the smell of fresh coffee? No?

Worse still, are they left parched and neglected if they arrive early or the meeting is delayed?

Imagine instead if they are offered the chance to use a strategically placed, quality coffee machine. Now you have visitors who are content to sip their chosen beverage with a clear first impression of what a caring, quality-conscious organisation you are.

5. Executive burn out or sneak out

Let’s not forget the need that decision makers have for a reliable source of quality coffee during the day. If your executives are taking pit stops for a decent beverage or sending colleagues out on “coffee runs” then you are clearly not meeting a crucial need.

Fuel up their creativity and passion for management with decent coffee, and your executive team will have less excuse to feel “unloved”.

We would be pleased to help you put quality coffee on the agenda at your workplace, with affordable machine rental and great office coffee.

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