5 coffee hacks that will revolutionise your work day

5 coffee hacks that will revolutionise your work day

After a 6 am wake up call and a forty-minute train delay, the last thing you want is a weak cup of coffee. Here are 5 coffee hacks to revolutionise your work day.

A hot drink is truly transformative, acting as a mental reset for the stressful workday ahead; your employees shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to coffee. Here are five coffee hacks, sure to improve the quality and flavour of office coffee.

1. Only use quality coffee beans

Instant coffee is rarely savoured, consumed more for the hit of caffeine than the pleasure of the drinking experience FairTrade coffee beans can really make the world of difference when it comes to office drinks, and such a simple change can boost morale and increase staff productivity.

2. Drink from a cup that you love

At home, everyone has a favourite mug that they love to drink from; why should this be any different at the office? Having a variety of mug styles and shapes in the staff kitchen is a small but thoughtful gesture. Employees will be defined by their chosen mug which will encourage camaraderie among staff members. Alternately, you can ask employees to bring their own personal flask; this will make them feel more at home and be more environmentally beneficial for your company as less water is wasted during cleaning.

3. Keep track of times and dates on your coffee

Stale coffee is certainly unpleasant to consume, which is why you should keep timestamps on how long your coffee beans have been opened for. Airtight beans can last up to six months, but without proper storage facilities, the beans will only stay fresh for a matter of weeks. Labels can help you to keep track of your coffee dates but might not be necessary during busy periods where staff coffee consumption is at its peak.

4. Update your coffee machine

Modern coffee machines make life so much easier. Gone is the need to brew a single pot at a time and keep track on how long it has been sitting out for; just press a few buttons and you’ll be back to work in no time. Unlike bland instant coffee, a machine can cater to each staff member’s individual tastes giving them the coffee they really want to consume. A coffee machine also looks really impressive to any guests or clients who come to visit your company.

5. Use fresh water

This factor is often neglected, but water quality can really have an impact on your coffee flavour; hard or unfiltered water can make it stale and harder to enjoy. Filtered water will transform your company’s coffee game, providing a refreshing and enjoyable taste that everyone will love.

Something as simple as a good cup of coffee has the power to increase staff productivity and make your workforce happier. The Office Coffee Company can cater to all of your caffeine-related needs, sure to make the work environment a better place to turn up to each day. Contact us today for more information about the coffee and coffee machines that we can provide for your business.

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