Our Sustainable Coffee Story

In 2011, we discovered, and loved, Cool Earth’s range of coffee for the retail sector - a collaboration with Vivienne Westwood that donated to the endangered Amazon with every unit sold. This coffee-loving, planet-saving ethos would inspire our own partnership with the brand.

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Get a free environmental assessment

Our free carbon assessment clarifies where savings can be made, and helps to underpin your environment policy and IS014001 accreditation.

Our customers receive annual certification from Cool Earth, which demonstrates how many trees and CO2 they’ve saved through their daily cup of coffee.


Coffee Recycling

With so much waste going to landfill there has never been so much pressure to change the way in which we dispose and recycle.

We can organise collection of your used coffee grounds, and recycle them to heat buildings. In the near future they will be put to use on an even larger scale, and recycled for use in transport.

Contact us to arrange recycle bins, bags, and collections of your waste coffee grounds.


Planet-friendly Packaging

In 2015, the Office Coffee Company launched the UK’s first fully compostable fresh filter coffee packaging, with Cool Earth Coffee. The environmentally friendly bag is another reason why our Cool Earth range makes the world a better place.

Our carbon footprint

Planet First, has awarded us the Planet Mark business certification in partnership with the Eden Project, for our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint year on year. By buying Cool Earth Coffee, your business can cut carbon emissions too.

The Planet Mark - Eden Project