Our Sustainable Coffee Story

In 2011, we discovered, and loved, Cool Earth’s range of coffee for the retail sector - a collaboration with Vivienne Westwood that donated to the endangered Amazon with every unit sold. This coffee-loving, planet-saving ethos would inspire our own partnership with the brand.

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Coffee sustainability in business

Your business can make a positive impact on the environment by drinking Cool Earth Coffee. We can work with you to calculate the number of trees and CO2 you can save, in making this sustainable choice.

It’s this simple to enjoy incredible coffee in the office

Our coffee experts are on hand to help you select the most suitable purchase, hire or rental plan for your business. They are also available to visit you with the coffee machine so you can try out our great range of coffees.

Coffee machine
1 Choose a machine
Coffee beans
2 Arrange a tasting
3 Enjoy our coffee
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